Mar 25, 2011

Green Clay-Volcanic Ash-Star Dust

Bentonite Green Clay

Can be taken internally to detoxify and as a general tonic. Deep cleansing extracting/drawing facial mask for any skin type & condition. A healing poultice & dressing for wounds of all kinds.

The many benefits are due to the mineral rich and natural state of the clay. Whether used internally of externally the minerals are in an ionic state. This means that the cells they come in contact with, can fully utilize them immediately via molecular bonding. The clay goes to where the abnormalities are in the body, absorbing harmful substances- leaving healthy areas untouched. At the same time your body absorbs the essential minerals it needs from the clay.

The Action of Clay
The minerals within clay act on multidimensional levels of healing and contain the elements existing and of creation!
• Clay is not materially absorbed by the blood or cells.
• The action of clay is that it exhibits a negative charge.
• Toxic, diseased, acidic and pathological material in the body is associated with a positive charge.
• The purification process of clay works by delivering its negative charge to an exceptionally large surface area. This is possible due to its very fine microscopic particle size.
• It must be consumed in a glass of water in order for this charge to work.
• It is conducted in the stomach and intestines, throughout the body where this neutralizing of the positive charges attached to the toxic materials where they are hidden.
• The body is then able to use it as a source of purification due to clay's ability to attract this positively charged noxious material.
• Afterward it is eliminated through the normal channels, having utilized the valuable minerals where needed and neutralized acid poisons. There is no way that clay can form deposits in the body.
Internal Cleanse
• First, put 8 oz of water into a 10 oz container with a lid (plastic or Glass)
• Drop 1 oz. = 2 heaping tablespoons on top of (leave Do not stir)
• Leave for overnight and then shake and stir until it is smooth like Ketchup
• Take 1 teaspoon or 1 tablespoon in 8 oz. of water 1-2 times per day, as you have been directed by your therapist until finished.
• Communication of your progress is important part of treatment.

Important Note:

If you are taking vitamins and/or any medications, take the green clay 2 hrs before or after. This will insure they will not be perceived as foreign and thus be prematurely removed from the body.

Some Research Information

WASHINGTON, DC- Americans are denied crucial information about more than 65 percent of new chemicals approved by the U.S. government since the mid 1970's, including the substances' makeup and what health and safety hazards they might pose.

Why? Under the 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), the chemical industry has been allowed to stamp a "trade secret" claim on the identity of two-thirds of all chemicals introduced to the market in the last 27 years, according to an Environmental Working Group (EWG) analysis of data obtained from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These include chemicals used in numerous consumer and children's products.

The number of children diagnosed annually with autism is escalating at a truly frightening rate. In the 1980s, a study showed that 4 in every 10,000 children showed signs of autism. A recent study by Cambridge University`s Autism Research Center showed that approximately 1 in 60 children has some form of the condition. The controversy over what causes autism spectrum disorder has grown almost as rapidly as the number of cases, with most researchers searching frantically for a genetic culprit, while others point to environmental factors.

Why have the number of cases increased so dramatically since, this law was passed? The 33-year old law that was supposed to ensure that Americans know what chemicals are in use around them, and what health and safety hazards they might pose, has produced a regulatory black hole, a place where information goes in - but much never comes out.

The public has no access to any information about approximately 17,000 of the more than 83,000 chemicals on the master inventory compiled by the EPA. Industry has placed "confidential business information" (CBI) claims on the identity of 13,596 new chemicals produced since 1976 - nearly two-thirds of the 20,403 chemicals added to the list in the past 33 years.

From 1990 to 2005, the number of confidential chemicals more than quadrupled - from 261 to 1,105 -- on the sub-inventory of substances produced or imported in significant amounts (more than 25,000 pounds a year in at least one facility). In July 2009, the EPA released the identity of 530 of these chemicals, lowering the number of moderate- and high-production volume secret chemicals to 575.

Secrecy claims directly threaten human health. Under section 8(e) of TSCA, companies must turn over all data showing that a chemical presents "a substantial risk of injury to health or the environment." In the first quarter of 2009, industry concealed the identity of more than half the chemicals for which studies were submitted under 8(e).

At least 10 of the 151 high-volume confidential chemicals produced or imported in amounts greater than 300,000 pounds a year are used in products specifically intended for use by children age 14 or younger. TSCA's failings have been repeatedly documented by the Government Accountability Office, in Congressional hearings and by independent investigations. But it has generally been assumed that at a minimum, the law required an accurate public inventory of chemicals produced or imported in the United States. As this investigation shows, it does not.

Instead we have a de-facto witness protection program for chemicals, made possible by a weak law that allows broad confidential business information (CBI) claims, combined with EPA's historic deference to business assertions of CBI.

"The chemical industry has turned TSCA -- a law once thought to protect people and the environment - into its own witness protection program, where it has safely stashed the very existence of thousands of chemicals behind the doors at EPA," said Richard Wiles, Senior VP for Policy and Communications at EWG. "Mafia informants don't enjoy the level of protection these secret chemicals receive under the federal toxics law," added Wiles.
Google ‘chemtrails’ to see what they are releasing into the atmosphere.

EPA data compiled in response to an information request show that a large number of these secret chemicals are used every day in consumer products, including artists' supplies, plastic products, fabrics and apparel, furniture and items intended for use by children. But EPA cannot share specific information on these chemicals even within the agency or with state and local officials.

No One except a few select EPA employees has any knowledge of their identity, and even they usually know nothing about their potential hazards to human health or the environment. How can we possibly have any idea what is in our bodies? We can't! The good thing is that we can get it out!

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